About FAUK Food Flavourings

FlavourArt UK Kitchen brings you the very best with the incredible Concentrated Flavourings of FlavourArt.

FAUK Kitchen is run by me, John Chamley, who has been working in this and associated industries since 2008, and Bethany, my eldest daughter and co-Director who joined the company in 2013. We offer quality service, passion, a wealth of knowledge, and integrity, along with an unswerving commitment to customer enjoyment. We have partnered with FlavourArt Italy since 2010 and are their official UK Distributor.

In addition to the superb FlavourArt 'standard' range of flavour concentrates, we have a large selection of blended flavours that I have created using only FlavourArt flavourings. Some recipes take months to develop and many more never make it past my taste buds, but the reward is in the result, sumptuous flavours to make you smile!

FlavourArt has an enviable reputation for the quality and purity of their flavours.  Years of experience and expert knowledge coupled with a passion for producing only the very best products keeps them ahead of the competition and we are delighted to share a partnership with them. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving flavourings which are manufactured in one of the most advanced production facilities in the industry and which are subject to the most stringent quality control procedures.
None of the FlavourArt flavourings on this website use refined sugars, protein, genetically modified ingredients, animal ingredients of any kind, preservatives, sweeteners, or colours. They are all gluten and peanut free, suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, and vegans.

We sell direct to the end user and also supply in bulk to Trade Partners. If you are interested in a Trade Partnership please use the Trade Registration form to make an initial enquiry and include your details, business name, business premises address, email, telephone, website URL if online selling, or shop address if retailing.