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Blended Flavours

After Dark
After Dark conjures up a sense of a sophisticated liqueur, Irish Cream with a dash of Peppermint. A lovely refreshing flavour with a nice aftertaste.
Black Jack Vintage
Black Jack Vintage was inspired by my memories of being able to buy sweets called Black Jacks four for a penny, an old, pre-decimal penny in the 1960s! The unmistakeable dark aniseed taste, enhanced with a couple of other background flavours, is reproduced as a flavour you can savour. One definite advantage of Black Jack Vintage is that it will not turn your tongue black as the sweets used to! Nowadays the sweets just turn it grey. In today's currency, one 1960s Black Jack would cost just 0.1042 pence, ah nostalgia isn't what it used to be!
Blackcurrant Licorice
If you like those suckable Blackcurrant and Licorice sweets then you should enjoy this fiesta of flavour. It's a refreshing change that is sweet but not sickly and will have you licking your lips.
Blackcurrant Menthol
Enjoy the cool fresh Menthol blast with a strong Blackcurrant partner, I feel a 'tune' coming on!
Black Pearl
A well-balanced blend of Pear and Blackcurrant makes this a tantalising flavour. The distinct taste of Blackcurrant is prominent, but then the subtle, underlying Pear flavour comes through.
A tropical mix of fruity pleasure, reminiscent of the juice in a carton.
Bountiful is for those who enjoy the pure pleasure of seductive flavours. Rich and creamy milk chocolate is the perfect background for the tropical coconut taste that is probably the nearest you'll get to eating a bar of chocolate with a coconut centre. Sit back and enjoy.
Sample the sweet Strawberry Candyfloss taste without getting your hands all gooey!
Cherry Bee
Cherry Bee is a long standing favourite with the distinct flavours of Cherry and Brandy blended to give a pleasurable flavour experience.
Cherry Menthol
Cherry Menthol is a reminder of that almost forgotten 'tune', most tasty and refreshing.
Chocaberry is a delicious blend of Chocolate and Strawberry that is a pleasure to taste. The two flavours complement each other very well, producing a delightful sensation. The flavour is so nice it's like the ultimate diet chocolate bar!
Chocalima conjures up the special blend of Chocolate and Lime sweets. The contrast between the two enhances the pleasure of this lovely liquid.
Chocanana is a lovely blend of Chocolate and Banana that is lipsmackingly lush!
Chococo Melt
Another lush blend of Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cream, you can feel the room melt as you taste it!
Chococo Mint
Seductive Chocolate with a dark edge mounted with a sparkling mint freshness.
Cornish Cream Tea
A nice scone with strawberries and cream mmmmmm and so low-calorie! It's a perfect accompaniment to our Black Tea flavour, try a sample in each hand to get the full effect!
When Custard met Fuji it was a match made in heaven! This sublime blended flavour has been steeped as a concentrate but will benefit from further steeping when mixed with your creation. The fusion of Apple and Custard is so moreish.
Custard Pi
I wanted a flavour that tastes and smells good but which also leaves a really nice aftertaste and I am happy that this one does all that. A rich Custard with some subtle but flavoursome undertones. We hope you will enjoy it.
Double Delight
Double Delight is exactly that, the warm flavour of Chocolate giving way to the rich Caramel centre. This is a special reserve for when you want to indulge yourself and you can do it all evening without the assistance of numerous Chocolate bars!
Dr Who?
The distinctive blend of Cola and Cherry with a hint of Almond was inspired by the famous Dr P fizzy drink.
Espresso Creme
If you like a full-bodied, intense Espresso then this should suit you. A distinctly dark coffee flavour with a hint of Fresh Cream.
Espresso Mint
Rich, strong Espresso taste with a hint of mint makes for a cracking combination.
Espresso Nutzilla
The iconic Espresso taste with a splash of Nuts, Vanilla and a little extra to make the flavours dance upon your palate, luscious!
H2OMG does feature Aniseed, but has a supporting cast of many other flavours that sing out the chorus in perfect harmony, 'There's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited!'
Jaggerbomb was created as a tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones rocker as it will have you singing and dancing like Jumping Jack Flash! A combination of energy drink flavour with the famous German Hunt Master influence means you can enjoy the bomb without falling over drunk.
Kingston Kick
Kingston Kick is a real Caribbean cannon with full-bodied Jamaica Rhum flavour tipped with Cloves a unique sensation for those who prefer an intense flavour.
Lemon Iced Tea
The summer of 2015 saw a refreshing new flavour added to our range. Black Tea combines with Lemon and a drop of Menthol to bring you a cool sensation full of flavour.
Marzi Malone
Irish Cream provides the perfect stage for the intense, mouth-watering Marzipan. Tastebuds should dance a jig with this lively blend.
Nutty Fruits
Fruity, sweet and nutty, makes a refreshing change from the usual tobacco flavours. Enjoy the multi-fruit-flavour with the nutty Almond surprise.
Pear Drops
Another favourite from the old sweet shop is the classic flavour of Pear Drops, just suck it and see!
Pernoir is probably my favourite blend, bringing together the iconic French flavour of Aniseed and the spicy sharpness of Licorice. Two strong flavours such as these might normally vie for supremacy, but this daring blend brings out the very best of both, resulting in a flavour to savour.
That's Nice Anise
This was a long time in the development stage, but now it is perfected for you to savour. The aim was to create an Aniseed flavour with a difference, one with a dark chocolatey, lush, subtle background that allows the clear, distinct flavour of the Aniseed and mint to take prominence but without being overpowering or lost amongst competing flavours. It is a deep flavour yet still light and pleasurable on the palate with a lingering sweet aftertaste that remains just long enough before you want the next mouthful.
Über Menthol
If you've ever been roof-surfing on top of the Trans-Siberian Express in Speedos you'll know the sensation of Über Menthol, a real Arctic blast that refreshes the parts you didn't even know you had! If not, and you want a clean-tasting Menthol with the bite of the Howling Wolf, then give it a try. Über Menthol combines the pure taste of Flavourart Menthol with Peppermint, offering a terrific flavour sensation.
Vanilla Custard
A smooth, mellow, creamy blend that can be used on its own or with other flavours.
Even if the sun isn't shining, a taste of VaPimms will soon have you feeling like you're relaxing out in the garden with your friends and enjoying the full fresh fruitiness underscored with the distinct Gin flavour and nicely spicey in the background, it's VaPimms o'clock!
The creator of the famous Blackcurrant and Fruit drink came from our home town of Blackburn, so what better way of paying tribute to him than creating a flavour in the same vein. Blackcurrant, fruit, and a little spice makes this a lovely choice anytime of the day.
Xtra Mint
A high-powered Minted Menthol blast.


Apple Fuji
The flavour, Fuji, was designed by FA Italy to be a refreshing but vibrant blend. Fuji is a specific Apple Flavour that is succulent, crisp, fresh, and sweet, just like the Fuji Apple variety that is so popular but which is so often unavailable in the UK as it is only grown in certain climatic conditions. The Fuji Apple was originally created by mating Red Delicious and Ralls Janet varieties to give the best of both fruits and our Fuji Flavour reflects this. It is lovely as an individual flavour and also lends itself to blending with other flavours. It is honestly the best Apple Flavour I have tasted in over six years in the flavouring business!
Apple Stark
The pure, sharp, tang of Apple is reproduced impeccably in this flavour. Every mouthful is like biting into a fresh, juicy specimen.
A very popular blend of food flavouring with a refreshing quality. Apricot oozes with a succulent, juicy taste. Max has a very special talent when it comes to replicating the true sensations of taste.
If you peel a banana then push your finger down through the centre lengthways, the banana will split into three long slices every time, which is really useful to know if you're serving up a banana dish or making fritters. Our Banana flavour is just as amazing, turn up the heating, scatter some sand on the floor, close your eyes and Banana'll feel like you're on a Caribbean beach!
Sometimes known as the 'bitter Blueberry', Bilberry has a sweet but tart flavour sensation and is nice alone or blended with other flavours.
Bold Blackberry flavour, with a subtle musky undertone, is a very clean flavour. Combined with Licorice, and even a touch of Anise if you are adventurous, it is simply irresistible.
Black Cherry
This is a more intense Cherry flavour with a rich, dark body.
FlavourArt Blackcurrant is a strong, clean, fruity flavour concentrate and is a delight to use on its own or to blend with other flavours. Our range includes a sublime Blackcurrant and Licorice if you want it ready mixed.
This is a well rounded and full bodied fruit flavour, pure Marinello. You can even blend your own favourites such as Cherry Cola!
Citrus Mix
Citrus Mix is the perfect blend of Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Mandarin. The dream team of fruit flavours to tantalise the taste buds and leave a lovely refreshing sensation.
Forest Fruits
Taste the riot of flavour in this perfectly balanced wild fruit mix. Never mind the cocktails, tantalise your tastebuds and savour the flavour!
Fig Fresh
Fresh Fig is set to become the new flavourite with cooks, bakers, and cocktail shakers! Many people have only tasted dried Figs and haven't enjoyed the full, sweet, fruity taste of a fresh one. If you crossed a Peach with a Strawberry and added something extra, you would be close, it is a delightful flavour.
Grape Concord
A mixed taste between strawberry and grape. Unique.
Grape White
Delicate and sweet.
Enjoy the distinctive tang of Grapefruit, ideal for blending with other flavours or on its own.
A different fruity taste for your experiments.
Sweet and just a little sour.
Lemon Sicily
Sicilian Lemons are the best in the world, large, juicy and with a unique citrus tang. The Southern Mediterranean sun and rich Sicilian soil combine to produce a flavour that once tried, is never forgotten. Lemon Sicily lives up to that reputation and is delightfully refreshing to the palate.
Lime Tahity Cold Pressed
From Carribean sea right to your kitchen. Very deep and long lasting taste.
Lime Tahity Distilled
FlavourArt Lime Tahity offers a sharp and strong taste, different from cold pressed Lime. It's a fizzy flavour, making it ideal for that refreshing drink experience
Sweet and floral. You'll love it.
Delicious and now super juicy and super natural taste.
Warm and slightly sour taste. A must try.
Melon Cantaloupe
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
For those who long for the taste of fresh Oranges, unadulterated and unsweetened, this is the flavour for you. A pure, natural tasting blend for you to enjoy.
An exotic journey.
Passion Fruit
This Passion Fruit wears no disguises but stands unashamedly naked and beautiful! A rich, intense fruit flavour that truly lives up to its name and delivers pure pleasure.
Sweet and juicy.
Juicy, juicy, juicy! Every bite is like eating a fresh, juicy specimen and tastes exactly as it should. All of the FlavourArt fruit flavours have a clean and refreshing taste and will not disappoint.
A totally tropical taste sensation awaits you in this succulent creation from the master blender. Years of experience have resulted in a flavour that replicates the sweet taste of Pineapple with unnerving accuracy.
A new addition from the master flavorist in Italy; tastes like the real thing!
The fresh, sweet taste of Raspberry is lovely on its own or when used in a blend of flavours.
The Queen of the fruits has been truly honoured with this beautiful blend, bursting with the sweet and juicy flavour of Strawberry. If you have tasted the incredible Strawberries at Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man you will not be at all disappointed with this creation, so good you could put a large blob of fresh cream on it!
Summer Clouds
Summer Clouds is the subtle taste of fresh fruit tenderly kissed by the sun. With a hint of Peach leading the line-up of delicate flavours, Summer Clouds delivers a delightfully light sensation to your taste buds, likened to the pure and gentle freshness of an English Rose in full bloom. This is most definitely a flavour for discerning foodies who appreciate the finer qualities and subtle nuances that Summer Clouds offers. Try it and fall in love.
Fresh and juicy, the taste of summer alway available.
White Peach
A gorgeously sweet flavour without the acidity of the Yellow Peach. It's nice as a single flavour and also blends well with other fruits.


Apple Pie
The grandmother classic.
Cream vanilla and butter in a powerful and tasty mix.
Indulge yourself in a world of gustatory pleasure, but be warned, you might never leave! How can one man give so much pleasure to so many people? This smooth, delicious, creamy Caramel creation oozes onto the palate and languishes shamelessly!
Catalan Cream aka Creme Brulee
A perfect blend of vanilla, cream and spices, with a delicate caramel undertone. In Spain it is known as Catalan Cream, in France it is Creme Brulee.
Pure pleasure awaits in the form of a pure Chocolate treat, dare you try it with Irish Cream?! Add a drop to the Cappucchino or mix with a little Peppermint to set your tastebuds dancing with delight!
Fresh and dreamy like a Pacific Atoll, the distinctive flavour of coconut is a joy to the palate and lends itself to a variety of cocktails with the tropical taste of the Coconut enhancing the experience.
Feel the fizz and savour the true flavour of Cola. This is another amazing creation, not only does it taste like Cola, it has such a clean, clear composition, as do all of the FlavourArt flavours. A ready-made mixer for a wide range of our other fabulous flavours.
The fresh and wonderful scent of fresh baked cookie
Cream Fresh
It is just that, give it a try.
Cream Whipped
Sweet and light.
Perfect for Le Petit Dejeuner.
Delicate, vanilla and lemon blends perfectly.
Sugar never was so sweet...
Mad Fruits (Energy drink style)
Used as a base for our Jaggerbomb, this energy drink flavour is on the nose!
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic).
Pure vanilla nothing added.
Maple Syrup
Sweet and mellow.
The spongy sweet temptation.
Magical Marzipan is one of the more distinctive flavours and is a sublime experience, if you like Marzipan that is! The full-on flavours of Bitter Almonds and sugar combine to deliver that sweet, nutty, and unmistakable taste. Marzipan is extremely popular in Germany and is a traditional Christmas-time treat, but there's no need to wait until then, try some now and spoil yourself!
White temptation.
Nonna's Cake
Freshly baked cake, just like Grandma's.
Oba Oba
Unleash the child inside yourself with this sweet gummy flavour.
An Italian classic.
Sweet Italian nougat.
Tutti Frutti
A taste explosion like Juicy Fruit gum!!
Vanilla bourbon
THE vanilla. Woody sweet and spicy.
Vanilla Tahity
What could be nicer than lying on a sun-kissed tropical beach in the South Pacific enjoying the subtly blended flavours of vanilla and almonds? Vanilla Tahity lends itself perfectly to blending with many other flavours, give it a try.
Vienna Cream
Meringue, cream, sugar. What else do you need?
Pure and simple, a lovely plain Yoghurt


Even in the world of nuts, Almond has a totally unique and distinctive flavour which has now been replicated perfectly in a bottle. It's one of those 'hidden' flavours that permeates whatever it is mixed with but without overpowering it.
Anise has a strong, unique flavour, reminiscent of Ricard and Pernod. It is a perfect flavouring for mixing with others to create your own blends, Rum, Cola, Chocolate, Licorice are just a few of the options, let your imagination run amok and be surprised!
The Bergamot Orange is not considered one for eating, but the essence extracted from its rind is widely used to impart a distinct, tangy, Citrus flavour, as found in Earl Grey Tea.
Black Pepper
Add a little spice to your savoury mixes.
An aromatic spice found in Southern India and Sri Lanka, Cardamom belongs to the ginger family. It has a unique aroma and a warm, spicy-sweet flavour.
Cinnamon Ceylon
The shores of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, have been the source of the finest Cinnamon for centuries. It was said by a Captain of a Dutch sailing ship that, downwind, one could smell the Cinnamon when over 25 miles out to sea! The 'red sticks' give a powerful flavour and a 'bite' to this flavour.
Cloves have been used since ancient times, not just to flavour food, but for all kinds of medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes, including being smoked. The name Clove is from the Latin 'clavus' meaning nail, as the buds resemble small irregular nails in shape. Our Clove flavouring carries the full-bodied flavour that is unmistakably nailed-on.
Fresh, juicy, and slightly sweet, delightful to make a Pimms or even on its own as a refresher.
You'll get addicted to it.
Glycyrrhiza glabra, or Licorice, is another of our flavours that is widely used for medicinal and recreational purposes. It has a distinct, sweet flavour and is often used in confectionary. Licorice is a very morish flavour and gives a full, rich taste. Mix equal parts with Anise and you're in heaven!
Menthol Arctic
Cool, fresh, icy, glacial. Brrrr....
Nut Mix
Another dream team!
Oak Wood
The aged and smooth notes of wood. Useful to round off liquers and drinks.
Enjoy the new formulation of Pistacchio, pure nuttiness! It has been reformulated to be DAP free (Diacetyl, Acetytl Propionyl)
FlavourArt Peanut has been reformulated to be DAP free (Diacetyl, Acetytl Propionyl) so you can use it with Chocolate, fruits, Cookie.
This Peppermint flavour is as shrill and clean as a Guard's whistle! The pure refreshing blast is simply exhilerating! Add a dash to Jamaica Rhum for a lively cocktail, or pop a drop in your Cappucchino and make it dance with delight!
Enjoy the freshness and pure Spearmint flavour without having to chew your way through a piece of gum that always goes flat! I haven't used this with any other flavour as it is just so good on its own.
The wonderful sweetness of fine Italian nougat featuring Honey, Lemon, and Almonds. Perfect on its own for a lovely, tasty sensation.
Gentle and delicate
Reformulated as a DAP-free flavour due to popular demand, a sumptuous Yoghurt.


Crisp green flavour to add to any dish.
Bacon fried
Uncannily realistic!
Barley malt
Sweet and Malty, as expected.
Basil flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Add some flavour to a dish, good with Tomato
Beef boiled
Fresh and meaty
Beef roasted
Like a Sunday dinner
Bell Pepper
Ding dong, this one is on the note
Bone Marrow
Unusual but useful for stews etc
Bread Crust
Straight from the baker's oven
Rich and creamy
Celery flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Crisp clean and fresh.
Cheese Cheddar
A refined English cheese
Gorgonzola, strong and pungent
Cheese Mozzarella flavor
A delightful Italian addition
Cheese PRM flavor
Add some Parmasan to your pasta
Chicken Boiled
Oozing with flavour
Chicken Roasted
Add a bit of spice for a Southern Fried version
Chilly Hot flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Spice it up
One of my favourites, ideal for making Corn bread too
You can smell the sea with this one
Egg yolk, cooked
Surprisingly nice with bread crust
Garlic flavor OIL SOLUBLE
My most-used flavour in our kitchen
Ginger flavor OIL SOLUBLE
All the zing and a full flavour
Ham Cooked flavor
Straight from the pan
Ham cured
Rich and mature
Mushroom Porcino flavor OIL-SOLUBLE
Mouth watering
Mushroom Porcino flavor WATER-SOLUBLE
Mouth watering
Mustard flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Hot and tangy
Mustard flavor WATER SOLUBLE
Hot and tangy
Olive flavor - Oil Soluble
A true likeness
Olive Oil flavor OIL-SOLUBLE
Nice in a salad dressing
Olive Oil flavor
Nice in a salad dressing
Onion flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Salad or stew, this Onion is at home
Onion Fried flavor OIL SOLUBLE
The smell of this cooking will drive your diners wild
Oregano flavor OIL-SOLUBLE
Another flavour-accurate herb
Pesto flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Sharp and tangy
Pizza flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Take a Pizza and dress it up
Potato boiled
Enhance the lowly spud
Potato Fried
A real winner
Rosemary flavor OIL SOLUBLE
A nice delicate but full flavour
Sage flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Live up your stuffing
Salmon smoked flavor
On the nose
Shallot fried flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Another tempting Onion
Shrimp grilled flavor OIL SOLUBLE
Try it on your buns at a BBQ
Smoke flavor OIL-SOLUBLE
Another BBQ favourite
Soffritto flavor OILSOLUBLE onions, carrots, and celery
The base for many a stew
Soy sauce
Eastern delight
Thyme flavor OILSOLUBLE
A fine herb with many uses
Try it with Basil or in a soup
Truffle Black flavor Oil soluble
For the connoisseur
Truffle black flavor WATER SOLUBLE
For the connoisseur
Truffle White Oil soluble
For the connoisseur
Truffle white flavor WATER SOLUBLE
For the connoisseur
Tuna flavor
It's fish all the way


Black Tea
How better to spend an English afternoon than sipping tea in the garden (indoors if peeing down!). A perfect partner for our Cornish Cream Tea, ideally use the two flavours side by side in two mixes.
Enjoy the beautiful, rich blend that makes this one of the most popular individual flavours. No alcohol is used, just Max's magic in creating a work of Napoleonic perfection.
This Cappuccino flavour is so good it should be rationed, but who better than the inimitable Italian could create something so pleasurable. A truly decadent experience for coffee lovers everywhere.
Enjoy a lovely flavour of delicious Champagne without it going to your head!
The king. Deep and everlasting taste.
Coffee Espresso
Intense, powerful, get it in the Italian style.
Condensed Milk
To satisfy a great demand, FlavourArt Italy has reformulated Condensed Milk as a DAP free version (Diacetyl, Acetytl Propionyl).
Known in th'owden days as Mother's Ruin, this non-alcoholic Gin is spot on and forms the base for our VaPimms.
Green Tea
Not fermented, a more floral and light tea with the natural flavour.
Irish Cream
Enjoy the experience brought to you by the master blender himself. Irish Cream is a pure joy with its heritage in the iconic Irish Whiskey and Cream liqueur. The patient ones will carefully blend this with a hint of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and almond and will be amply rewarded with a carnival of flavours.
Jamaica Rhum
Satisfy your Caribbean cravings with this sumptuous Rum flavour. With secret spices and the inimitable rich tang of molasses this truly is a flavour to capture. Mixed with Cola it's totally tropical! Add a dash of Cinnamon to make a Spiced Rum with a real kick!
Rich, flavorful with a hint of peat note on the background.


The light floral taste of Jasmine adds the finishing touch to blended Teas or Sweet flavours.
A slightly floral, spicy flavour with hints of Mint and Lemon.
Improved formulation, now more refined and stronger. Based on natural extracts, this flavour brings you the velvet smell (and taste) of the fresh flower.
A full floral flavor like the Parma Violet sweets.
Ylang Ylang
The Ylang Ylang tree grows to over 60 feet tall and produces huge flowers which, after around 20 days, develop their unique fragrance. The essence has long been used as a medicine by application and/or inhalation for such things as, Aphrodisiac, nervousness, anti-depressant, tension relief, stress, irritability and anger, cardio tonic, sedative, PMS, physical exhaustion. We don't claim our flavouring offers the same relief or effects, but the aroma and taste do seem to have a nice relaxing feel to them.

Emotions & Artist's Touch

Aurora… a complex Lime interpretation with a subtle background, very refreshing.
Our interpretation of the moment when the warm embrace of the caramel melds with the sweetness of the apple, another amazing fairground flavour.
Like a rich, deep, chocolate mint with feint floral notes along with spice and cocoa.
A biscuit flavour fresh from the baker's oven with Meringue and Caramel to tease your taste buds.
Sponge cake, vanilla, caramel and a host of fruity notes ... a real labyrinth of flavours to explore forever!
If you love sweets but like a slightly sharp note to balance the taste, Metaphor is made for you. A light and crispy cream cake with vanilla and citrus fruits ... a genie in a bottle.
Fresh Raspberry with a finely blended selection of red fruits.
Morning Sun
A milky flavour carefully blended with the sweetness of freshly cut fruit ... the perfect continental all day breakfast!
A vibrant dessert of coffee, cream and cereals, but with a slightly alcoholic aftertaste (just the taste obviously.) UP, pure energy for your senses.
Tantalise your tastebuds with the unmistakable flavour of fried donut wrapped around a deliciously fruity red filling and... sugar topping!

Flavour Enhancers

AAA Magic Mask
Reduce the acid perception without modifying the pH. pH is one of the key factors involved in food stability. In order to reduce the pH, a small amount of organic acid must be added to the food preparation (i.e. citric, malic, tartaric acid). In most cases the addition of food acid is beneficial both for microbiological stability and taste ( just think to an lemon or cola drink, they must be acid to be good ). However, some other foods might require food acid for microbiological safety BUT the acid taste does not complement well ( a light cheese, a sauce as example ). In this cases, the use of Magic Mask can be of help. Magic Mask does not buffer the pH, nor alter it. Magic Mask acts at the tongue receptors level, temporarily reducing the acid perception, thus improving the overall mouth feel. Its action last 5-8 seconds and involve only the acid receptors. Recommended dosage is between 1 and 3 grams per Kg for food. When comparing products with and without Magic Mask, the food with Magic Mask must be tasted as second. Give it a try.
Bitter Wizard
Balance your flavours! With Bitter Wizard we are glad to announce another new development, designed to reduce or eliminate the sweet basic taste given by PG, VG, or any other overly sweet flavour. Adding the BW at 1% gives a pleasant bitter aftertaste, which can be enhanced further increasing the dosage.
Caramel Sugar Syrup
It has a weak taste and it is mainly used to impart color to finished food. It is water soluble.
Sour Wizard
Vanillin Crystals
Vanillin Crystals can be used to impart sweetness or as a booster for any sweet flavour. It can be dissolved at up to 10% in Propylene Glycol. Mix 1gm with 9ml of PG and shake until dissolved; the concentrate can then be added to your mixes in small percentages, 2% should be plenty.