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Blended Flavours 10ml

Blended Flavours 10ml
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Scroll down the page to see descriptions of over 180 flavours.

Here you will find a range of blended flavours which includes our exceptional and establshed favourites along with some outstanding newcomers. Our blended flavours are all created using FlavourArt classic concentrates with many now being produced en masse at the FlavourArt manufacturing facility near Milan.

Our range of blended Flavourart flavours has increased in both number and popularity. We have grouped them all together on this page to make it easier for you to browse and order, just scroll down the page to see a full list of the flavours and click on any of them to open the description. They are all flavour concentrates ready to add to your creations and are pre-steeped to allow the flavours to blend and develop. Please do not use these flavours without first diluting them.

Add the flavours to whatever creation you wish to give a unique and distinct flavour. We suggest starting at around  5 drops but some people prefer more discreet flavours and some more intense, so start low and add more if required.

We have tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible by having all of the blended flavour choices on one page.
When you have made your choice, just select your flavour in the box above and click 'Add to Cart'.
If you require a number of flavours, just repeat the selection process for each one.

After DarkBlack Jack VintageBlackcurrant LicoriceBlackcurrant MentholBlack PearlBongoJuiceBountifulCandyflossCherry BeeCherry MentholChocaberryChocalimaChocananaChococo MeltChococo MintCornish Cream TeaCustAppleCustard PiDouble DelightDr Who?Espresso CremeEspresso MintEspresso NutzillaH2OMGJaggerbombKingston KickLemon Iced TeaMarzi MaloneNutty FruitsPear DropsPernoirThat's Nice Anise‹ber MentholVanilla CustardVaPimmsVimTonicXtra Mint